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Guam time is now:

Lo: 74F, Hi: 87:F
Chance of rain: 25%

You've made the right choice!

Guam (Chamorro: Guhn), officially the U.S. Territory of Guam, is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean and is an organized unincorporated territory of the United States. The Chamorros, Guam's indigenous inhabitants, first populated the island approximately 4,000 years ago. It is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands. The island's capital is Hagta, formerly Agana. Guam's economy is mainly supported by tourism (particularly from Japan, Korea and the People's Republic of China) and United States armed forces bases. The United Nations Committee on Decolonization includes Guam on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

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Guam @ a Glance. Information from Guam Visitor's Bureau Website

Political Status:
Unincorporated Territory of the United States

13.48 degrees North, 144.45 degrees East

Native Inhabitants: Chamorro

Country code: 1

Area Code
: 671

Telex code:

120 volt/60 cycle
Capital: Hagåtña

Land Area:
212 square miles ( 549 square kilometers )

Official Languages:
English and Chamorro


Greenwich Mean Time +10


154,805 (2000 census)

US Dollar


Between 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit (26-30 degrees Celsius) Averaging 81 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius)

Dry season between Jan. & May; rainy season between October & December.

Annual average is approximately 80 inches (2,509 millimeters)

Some things you might want to know...
We here at Pioneer Realty have been long-time residents of Guam!
1) Property Taxes are very low here on Guam. 1% of assessed value for buildings and .5% of assessed value for land.
2) You hook up power at GPA (Guam Power Authority), water at GWA (Guam Waterworks Authority), and cable at MCV (Marianas Cablevision). Internet services can be shopped for at: MCV, GTA (Guam Telephone Authority), IT+E, and Docomo Pacific.
3) We have 4 major car dealers here: Toyota/Lexus, Prestige Automobiles, Cars Plus, and Triple J Motors.
4) Cellphone service on Guam is a bit more than on the Mainland U.S. The dealers here are Docomo Pacific, IT+E, GTA, MCV, and I-Connect.


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